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tv   [untitled]    December 8, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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for the time being we haven't reached the vein we're getting closer to us by then production will be twenty grams a load. they were rich it will have a good yield. we can provide for our families as well as for many people here in our neighborhood. but we know in which places there are gold plains. we go there and it worked i'm going to on title land which isn't. belongs to the multinationals. illegal mines sprout up everywhere each week. the citizens who have succumbed to gold rush fever quickly try to exploit the high prices.
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here no one has titles to the land. the entire region belongs to gran colombia gold recently bought from tino gold mines which went bankrupt. all the large mines of the area and the processing facilities were sold by the government to the canadian multinational for just two hundred million dollars. so frontino gold mines here and seagal via has proven gold reserves of over nine hundred thousand ounces of supply nine hundred thousand ounces by today's price of gold at the let's say at one thousand five hundred dollars that would be an astronomical amount you know because i can't get this multiplication out of my mind . and then along comes the government of all you are e bay velez who donates the mines at the humiliating price of two hundred million dollars this is truly scandalous. look i will explain it to you
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sometimes my wife buys shoes which she thinks are cheap and i think are expensive. so you must give numbers and explain what is cheap in comparison to other mines globally. how much they were bought for with how many reserves etc one. thing you know they don't produce anything only opinions not facts. the union says that the sale was illegal it claims that all the property of frontino was conceded in writing to the thousands of workers of the company by the former bosses who in this way paid salaries pensions and insurance in kind in the. to the state is selling something it doesn't own in colombia we call this villainy and overt theft. but if they can say that elvis presley lives that charlemagne was
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a jew whatever they like but i have a title and that's the difference. good move with. the government supports foreign investment of but. so much so that the canadian multinational made a former colombian minister of foreign affairs the company's president. is this something bad is there some gap in the colombian legal system which doesn't allow a member of government to work. she might have inside information. that's not certain that the president of the company was minister of foreign affairs she doesn't have any knowledge of mental energy of course she is learning a lot quickly because she is smart when she left the aruban government. in another meter where the same to her.
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fellow. guerrillas are active. so org. group of former paramilitaries the restaurant was. finally the envy ghetto office is also in operation here it is a drug cartel founded after the death of popular escobar by his men it is a war of all against all for territorial control the more territory controlled the more mines exploited this is seventeen gang members of the restaurant hearst's were killed today in the battle with foreign insulter in calcutta province their story to set in the battle was to claim areas in the mountains owner of the aren't you a municipality when i want but you also i want to see if you know that he. goal is not evidence substance that it's legal. is that attracts illegal groups the
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last guy this. lever out of the new one during money through gold is easy it is going to risk less. the illegals buy gold or all minus a door to you if you want to and then they take it to the municipality and get it legalized the number of concealing god as legal merchandise it brings profits to the local authorities which will be divided among the politicians who are doing this and thus there will be support from the municipality. all the ordinary gold miners must pay protection to the armed groups active here in order to work. fear keeps everyone silent inside go via they have a saying flies don't enter into closed mouth. i've heard that regular miners must pay protection to all the armed groups active fear is that correct. they will
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meant that you know at the moment i don't know anything about that no one has come to me you know and i don't know. no to. those munitions we give two million a month to fark he says then there is also the envy got to office. rojas and organized crime i don't restore that restaurant or the i'm a got office sealion gallup or pay protection with a percentage of the gold you know to get on board one part of the or as if they were also partners in the mine has anything left over i don't care something is left you know not much erin but something this is how we've come to operate on a hunch because otherwise it would be impossible to work. because either that will make you leave people in a city not almighty you or your family what can you whoever they want.
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steal a misstep if the mind is poor they don't care that much if you really mean is that he can stand it if the man is rich with good production this thing really kind of when they visit you all the time did you know and get involved in your business too . for their own profit and as well as their organizations because in this area enormous amounts of money are exchanged in terms of. economic power leads to. system has come to establish themselves permanently in the area. the government accuses the small town miners are fueling the bloody civil war. president santos this is another serious reason to eliminate them so that the it after a bit of a good living every day the secret services of the state that you have along with
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the ministry of mines and energy as you know the country by. this activity doesn't fuel the conflicts coming in and i mean. i think it would have been very you know in order to prevent it's one again as we have done up to now. a special police unit is in charge of hunting down the illegal gold miners. poor peasants watch helicopters landing in the middle of nowhere. noise going up if it's not then we the small miners fund the illegal groups as the government says in order to protect our lives our families and to work in peace. we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups but. because the state doesn't protect us if the police and security forces did their job we wouldn't be obliged to pay for protection. and those.
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that live. here they do the opposite but they fight as they search for us. and throw us off our own land so they can surrender it all to the in multi-nationals. other than that. they. were bend takes the over which comes out of the mind to the males to get it pulverized. the cylinders contain metal spheres. cyanide is added to the earth as this helps extract the gold. cyanide is especially toxic and in large concentrations lethal. it was used in the nazi gas chambers. and lower gerbils and eva brown all committed suicide with the
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substance during the cold war period both the us and the u.s.s.r. stockpiled it in their chemical arsenals. the solution ends up on this mechanical table which with its slope and movement separates the gold from the earth. and at the moment the yellowest gold right now it's still going down covered in dirt i'm excited because this is what we search for to live. would be so much brighter. from finest impressions.
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costs. i answered go via all the gold miners use mercury to make the process faster and easier. and every mill we throw in this amount of mercury look i'm all right only some of us will gather the gold that we only put this much in each mill come and see how i will do this i. was. the book about a mile away thanks i
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mercury is especially toxic to the environment and to humans i am into the brain and central nervous system i feel gathers of what's left of the process in a small container i mercury has the property of dissolving an amalgam mating with gold i stopped by one of the mercury captures the gold the monoplane the only thing left for his eco to do is now to gather it up into a cloth and strain it i
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wonder how much is this gold worth. i was only. i look why don't i mean this is worth twelve million or four thousand seven hundred fifty euros i. every friday rabanne gathers the sediment from the whole week and cleans it carefully for ours. thank. you ed. thank. you. this is the result. only needs to now is to drive.
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the two hundred grams. how much earth does it take to produce this amount. and all of the. no thought about it but i estimate fifty tons. of the only thing left to do is to get to the gold shop of donya myra down in town . today the two hundred grams were sold for ten million pesos or about three thousand nine hundred euros nowadays ruben and his thirty eight partners are earning more
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than ever. in order to sell the gold z. kill needs to first get rid of the mercury which is stuck to the precious metal. they must burn it off and there are dozens of little shops in the center of town which do that i mercury is released into the atmosphere when burned and when it rains it falls on to homes fields rivers and lakes. to go via is the town most polluted by mercury in the world according to the world health organization with measurements up to one thousand times above acceptable levels. but it's
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a very dangerous job. that men everyone who works with mercury must get treatment but that you know because you have mercury in your system and my brother has it and must keep on getting treatment. it's the easiest process for getting the gold out of that into. them but everything else is much more difficult. that if there's another method you won't find it here here mercury is used by the ton of other. there's already an ecological catastrophe. which was triggered by small scale metallurgy. also. we have the greatest concentrations of your accurate
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nor what is not at all logical. is the alternative proposed by this government. and generally by the governments of latin america to have large organized responsible mining companies which are on the stock market that there is no such thing to be already has large scale metallurgy and our analyses all showed an enormous like of responsibility. columbia pollute the environment. no gran colombia pollutes the environment twenty to thirty times less than the average illegal miner. you know a little bit woman would have some pollution like all companies and you know which however is within the parameters of colombian laws and international ones. there
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are today they will be. the effluent from the ground colombia gold factory along with the waste of the small miners falls into a small ravine which is so toxic that it is acquired name everyone calls its cyanide ravine. on its banks gold diggers process to waste one more time trying to find gold in the poisoned waters nor in the dangers of all. that i mean if the mine works we make money with your mental. asses in this work
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has always taken place here. a lot of people live off this one to retain extracting gold i could have been going up on. and is there gold there. naturally if there wasn't we wouldn't work having a wonderful trip and they work it again and again and there's always gold left but even what we throw away contains goals so what happens in a cyanide ravine isn't pollution that. this pollution. since cyanide falls into her veins it's bullish. but its profits are profitable. my we know where damaging the environment but this is how we an average that. i. am i.
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despite the reactions of the citizens of my motto the government is planning to relocate them in order to open the way form a doro new open pit mine. the justification for this used by the government is a landslide which took place in two thousand and six it claims of the population is in a high danger zone which means they must be moved to a safer area. despite the fact of state services confirmed of the situation is reversible if interventions are made to the mountain in nearby al johnno the government is already building a hospital modern school compound and houses for the new residents. the door has
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stated that it will help fund the building program. to mco the go ahead of us we must talk to the women and tell them that in your new house you have a washer and dryer and you don't need to go to the ravine to wash the clothes so they can have roads a good hospital get a place to study. what would you know about and the work it all could do the work is crucial we will create many jobs they're going to have. but not everyone will have ork nobody will give work to many people triple.
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when spanish conquistadores arrived in colombia in the sixteenth century they felt they had found the mythical el dorado. in amazement they bore witness to a ritual at play quite heavy to near modern day bogota in which the leader of the movie sky was naked and covered with gold dust through enormous amounts of gold into the water as an offering to the gods. the hunt for the new eldorado is in full swing. well you know that someone once said to us in a knowing way that we had sinned but like having such a rich land weeks and days in the past or the earth it was the colonizers who wanted to take out fertile land i live. now but what they even a little land we still have less than the limit and as it is a target of the multinational his local is by his or this tiny piece of land we
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have. i love this with irvin that we have permitted to defend with our lives someone other than me and on this we have very clear.
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has been seeing from the streets of canada. the giant corporations are all today.
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well. it's technology innovations all the latest developments around russia we've got the future covered. the for. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.


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